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We are Brent Sigmon and Nancy Carow, married for a quarter century and counting, living in East Tennessee. Blackoak Ridge is the local geographic feature on which our house sits, so “The View from Blackoak Ridge” is, in part, a visual look at our physical surroundings. But it is also an intellectual, spiritual, emotional view from where we are at this stage of our lives.

Nancy’s the artist: designer, painter, photographer, musician. She’s the passionate one. Brent’s the writer and former engineer-economist-program director, twice-retired. (He thinks this one will stick.) We share interests in gardening, home improvements, making things work better. Neither of us can resist picking up yet another provocative rock or seashell.

This site started as a mutual challenge to each other to get more serious about our creative endeavors. In that it has been a moderate success. We have also acquired a few faithful followers, for whom we are very grateful.

We welcome feedback, through published Comments or via email (nancy@sigmon-carow.com or brent@sigmon-carow.com).


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  1. This is amazing but not terribly surprising given the many talents you both have. In planning for our upcoming high school lunch program we are having a banner made. Your “Peace” that hangs in your home is a perfect expression of what we hope to convey to those we feed.

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